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ActivityPub Part 2: GoToSocial Considered Neato


Here's the lesson I've learned since my last post: making a simple ActivityPub server that implements the minimum subset of the spec is not difficult. But to have the server be actually usable and via…

ActivityPub Part 1: Static Files Are All You Need* (*to have a visible profile)


After a few posts worth of preamble, it's finally time to get our hands dirty with ActivityPub! I started out by reading through the specification for ActivityPub itself, which defines the inter-serve…

Notes on Setting Up a Mastodon Server


Welcome to Protocolapalooza, my project to add support to this site for a bunch of wacky protocols other than the Web. We're starting with ActivityPub, but before we can get into the implementation th…

Announcing Protocolapalooza!


It's a new day, a new month, and a new era for the implicit dot computer weblog. I've been posting somewhat less frequently than I'd like (or than I need to keep my pace for #100DaysToOffload) while …

My Nearly Meatless Decade


In the spring of either 2014 or 2015 I became a vegetarian - I didn't think to record the exact date - which means it's now been ten or possibly nine years. That's a good enough time for a retrospecti…

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